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New Earth Farmacy

The NewEarth Farmacy is an innovative Natural Wellbeing company focused on developing non-synthetic dietary supple-ments and microbial compounds to help empower the body’s innate immune and cellular regeneration systems – offering an opportunity for humanity to reclaim our health sovereignty and freedom from traditional medical establishments.  Many of you have heard about the breakthrough work of Sacha’s renowned Romanian contact Dr. Anca Nicolescu, who is using patented IgY egg immuno-globulin technology to develop customizable antidotes that help support the body with passive immunity against various condi-tions, especially effective against weaponized and multi-drug resistant bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

This cutting-edge IgY technology is used to develop antibodies cultivated in the egg serum of  organically-raised biodynamic hens. These powerful natural antibodies provide an extra layer of “passive immunity” to support the body’s natural ability to rehabilitate  and detoxify. The NewEarth Farmacy IgY process can be used to customize antidotes to help the body fight various conditions; we launched by addressing the most pressing world-wide issues first: the global transfection by Spike proteins and toxic E.Coli strains that were used in the development of certain highly publicized Big Pharma products over the last several years.

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