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Spike Immunity Protocol is the first product launched by The NewEarth Farmacy. It was in development for nine months as a best in class product to support the body’s natural defenses and immune response against spike proteins that have been released into the biosphere by mass mRNA inoculations of the last three years. Regardless of vaccine status, most humans around the world have now been exposed to and potentially transfected with weaponized spike proteins.

The 90 day (3 months of one capsule per day) protocol was developed to augment and support your body’s ability to detoxify the destructive effects of spike proteins on the human biome.  We extract the antidote cultivated for 43 days in the serum of biodynamic chickens  which produce a combination of smart proteins that can identify and attach any spike proteins in a person’s system to help the body expel them. The task of the supplement is to “tag” and “eliminate” spike proteins from your system.

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The Spike Immunity product provides those taking it with “passive immunity”. There are two kinds of immunity in the field of medicine. Active immunity – such as  when a person receives a vaccine or has an infection and the body produces their own antibodies is innate and unique to each person. Passive immunity, on the other hand, is brought in and gives the person additional strong antibodies made in another “vessel” (whether in the blood of another mammal or in the chicken egg). Passive immunity gives the body a stronger and more effective antibody than a person’s body might be able to produce on its own. The passive immunity antibodies used in the Spike Immunity formula enhance and support your human bodies and natural immune response that have been under assault for decades in a weaponized biosphere.

Based on the pharmacokinetic studies we conducted, Spike Immunity antibody in the capsule is highly absorbable in the mucous membranes of the mouth and in the intestine. Once it is absorbed in the intestine, it travels through the blood, and it will track spike proteins everywhere in the body. Once that antibody is in a person’s system, it produces a healthy immune response, regardless of any spike proteins that might be attacking the system.


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