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The NewEarth Farmacy will continue to introduce new applications and formulations of IgY products in the coming months, having addressed the most pres-sing world-wide issues first. Transfection with Spike proteins and toxic E.Coli strains that have now been shown by many leading scientists as lodged in the human gut and continuously self-replicating – causing problems within different organs; for example the heart, resulting in higher incidence of myocarditis; or the urinary system causing increased rates of UTIs.

Our flagships formulas, Spike Immunity Support and Turbo x5 Spike and E Coli,  were specifically formulated to target these issues. The powerful antidotes  (cultured and extracted from the serum of organic biodynamic hens) in these natural dietary supplements greatly enhance the body’s natural ability to rehabilitate and detoxify. Through a series of biological mechanisms, NEF Spike and Turbo can support the body in breaking down the chain of spike protein and weaponized E.Coli self-replication in the gut and intestines.

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