NewEarth Spike Turbo X5

Systemic Support

Introducing Spike TURBO x5

Spike TURBO  x5 was developed specifically as a combination IgY FULL SPECTRUM support protocol for those who require it and contains both types of IgY egg protein  (IgY S anti-Spike proteins) and IgY E anti-weaponized Ecoli) at higher concentrations than either of the original New Earth Farmacy Spike Immunity or E Coli Support 3-month formulas.

The more we learn about the pressure on the human system from widespread global mRNA inoculation, the more the medical team understands the need to develop a combination formula with both Spike Immunity and anti-weaponsized E.Coli. for those who are in close contact with vaccinated individuals, have been inoculated or have suffered severe complications over the last few years.  The general population who have been exposed and transfected will not need Turbo x5 unless they have the means and want to add an extra level of immune protection.

Turbo x 5 is a uniquely developed higher-potency formula combining IgY S and IgY E, showcased for the first time at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.  Spike TURBO x5 (like Spike Immunity)  is a 3-MONTH SUPPLY (90 capsules). Turbo x5 90 days supply is the MINIMUM dose for those who have received inoculations or suffered injury and other serious complications.

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Proprietary blend of Lyophilized powder containing specific IgY S and IgY Ecoli proteins, MSM, Nattokinase, 207.5 mg

Other Dietary ingredients: Vitamin 3, 2000 iu

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Weight2.5 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 4 in

1 bottle, 2 bottles, 4 bottles, 6 bottles

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