Photonic Crystal Square

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Bioenergetic Harmoniser The Photonic Square was created for the harmonisation of wireless devices.

What is the purpose of Photonic Square?

The Photonic Square is designed to be mounted on to any device which is a source of electromagnetic wireless radiation, such as:

  • Smart metres
  • Mobile phones
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Smart TVs etc


    The Photonic Square device is a multi-layered structure that is constructed of specific metal alloys and dielectric materials.

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The Photonic Square is a dependable converter of super high frequency electromagnetic fields which transforms background radiation into natural frequencies.

The shapes of the resonant structures and the characteristics of the Photonic Square crystal materials are calculated and formed based on the interaction of the electromagnetic fields with biological objects, water structures and circular polarization of right hand rotation.

By protecting your bioenergetic field from EMF interferences with Photonic Squares, you establish a more tranquil area around you from wireless EMF gadgets, giving your body the effect of being in nature.

How to use:
Any wireless electromagnetic equipment that you believe could be causing sensitivity to the body you should attach a Photonic Square to it. The Photonic Square comes with three double-sided stickers so you can attach the Photonic square to the device. The square can be reused on another device as needed in the future for instance, if you buy a new mobile phone or move property.

Life and care:
If properly cared for, it can be used for an unlimited period of time.

It is forbidden to subject photonic Square to mechanical impacts, immersion in liquids, or rapid temperature fluctuations in order to extend the term of use. In the event of a minor leak, wipe it down with a dry towel. The photonic square must be handled with care.

Glass-fibre laminate forms the photonic shield’s structural framework. This cutting-edge material is an elastic, multilayer plastic made from glass cloth that has been hot-molded while being coated with a bonding agent.

  • The photonic shield is made entirely of nontoxic materials.
  • The photonic shield’s primary chemical component is glass-fibre laminate.
  • UV-cured varnish is applied on top.
  • Materials, even in an aggressive environment, do not react with other things.
  • Copper, silver, and gold are used in the photonic shield’s internal structure.
  • It is absolutely safe for use on people and does not extract any toxic substances.


  • High-quality complex multi-layer bulk structure made of special metals alloys and dielectric materials with a self adhesive layer for installation.
  • Small compact size (4.5-4.5cm).
  • Depth 1mm
  • 1 x Photonic square device
  • 1 x User manual
  • 3 x double sided stickers

Disclaimer: Please note. BioPhotonic products are not medical devices.

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