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The BioNexus endogenous bioresonance device amplifies and synchronises with the users own natural frequencies and then corrects the bodily systems and functions where required.

The BioNexus is a device of new generation of endogenous bio resonance therapy it is a unique device that is portable, stylish, reliable, compact and lightweight.
The BioNexus device is a transceiver device of ultra spread spectrum electromagnetic field Endogenous therapy. The bioNexus offers two modes of operation.
In the first mode, the electromagnetic field that the device emits is reflected off the body and that is then read as a physiological parameter that is measured and amplified and sent back to the body.

In the second mode, the user’s voice physiological parameters are measured and amplified and sent back to the body.

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The BioNexus benefits

• Improves energy reserves of the body.
• Restores the energetic field of all organs’ and improve the bodily systems.
• Supports immune health and physiological homeostasis.
• Initiates the processes of rejuvenation and provides regeneration, and the restoration of the integrity of cells.
• Improve memory, cognitive, emotional, and psychological states.
• Speeds up the recovery process.
• Human consciousness support
Note: Do not use your BioNexus device while plugged into the mains.

• 3 – 5 working days worldwide shipping
• Small compact size (68 х 38 х 17mm)
• Bright contrast screen
• Touch screen panel
• High-quality casing with reinforced glass
• Battery life (10-hours)

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